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“Exo Protective Gear began in 2015 with a vision to revolutionize the winter sports market with state-of-the-art material technology. Located high in the Rocky Mountains, based out of Durango, CO, we find ourselves situated at the apex of winter activities, ranging from casual snow sports to intense seasonal athletics. Our goal was to make these pastimes safer for everyone, offering new winter gear with built in “shielding” capability.”

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    That is where D3O® comes in. Being experts in dilatant non-Newtonian fluid, their patented, specially-made material is the pinnacle of impact-protecting technology. According to D3O®:

    “D3O® materials in their raw state flow freely when moved slowly, but on shock, lock together to absorb and disperse energy, before instantly returning to their flexible state. This reaction is counter intuitive. The greater the force of the impact, the more the molecules lock together and the greater the protection.”

    This special substance has been diligently applied to Exo Protective Gear’s winter equipment in the form of removable pads. Strategically located to protect the core parts of the body, this substance can greatly safeguard against all forms of physical trauma while offering great material flexibility.


    D3O® solution facilities include in-house material processing machines and CNC machines for prototyping molds.

    In-house Product Development

    Advanced Testing Capabilities


    Since Exo is in its infancy of development, our efforts are strongly placed on creating the highest quality gear possible. As we prepare for commercial release to various retailers for this 2016 winter season, we are currently accepting requests for specific pre-orders from interested wholesalers and distributors.



    Soon to be released to all consumers, we strongly advocate any merchant to express their interest inExo in pursuance of having a competitive edge over the market. As Exo Protective Gear offers equipment that is the first of its kind, the compelling urgency is dire to be the first on the market with these solutions.

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