Mojo Cooler

Coming Summer of 2016


Soon to come is the new Mojo Cooler. Primarily it functions as an ultra durable, cold-retaining lunch cooler. With high grade UV-resistant insulation, you can easily keep two dozen cans frozen stiff. Yet, the signature feature lays within the top part of the Mojo Cooler’s body. Being completely detachable, a unique compartment offers the complete Mojo platform, including high-fidelity speakers, solar powered charging, a large battery bank to store power.

As we complete the prototyping faze of creating the Mojo Cooler, we are eager to begin manufacturing the final product  for release. Expected to be available this summer of 2016,  we are currently accepting pre-order requests from anybody interested in being the first to have a Mojo Cooler.

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  • Details

    The Mojo Cooler was designed to have a study structure with convenient functionality. The entire cooler is completely water proof, including the electronic section, which is sturdily faceted to the top with peak performance buckle clips and Velcro strips. With the zippers built to be completely air tight and water submersible, you can adventure with confidence knowing your food & drinks are frosty, your devices are powered, and everything is absolutely dry & safe.

    Cooler spec

    Peak Performance Buckle Clips & Velcro Strips.

    Coming this Summer!

    Mojo got even cooler, with the Mojo Cooler